---------------Pricing per single order---------------
First 8"x10" matted print..............$15 Post Paid
Each Additional matted print.......$11 Post Paid
8x10 Matted Print "Tiger Scramble"
8x10 Matted Print AD-5 "Dambuster"
8x10 Matted Print "First Kill For The Joly Rogers"
8x10 Matted Print "Hell Over The Hadley"
8x10 Matted Print "Outgunned"
8x10 Matted Print "The Long Way Home"
8x10 Matted Print "Duel Over New Georgia"
8x10 Matted Print "Victory for Vraciu"
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Choose from virtually any image on this site.  These are 4"x6" photoprints double-matted to an 8"x10" overall size.  They easily slip into any standard 8"x10" frame and will fit that hard to fill area in your collection.  All prints are signed by the artist, Marc Stewart.
Below are just a few of the many images from which to choose!
8"x10" Double Matted Photoprints
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