Target of Opportunity by Marc Stewart
"Target of Opportunity"
Signed by Col. Dick Hewitt and artist Marc Stewart.
The Day I Owned the Sky by Marc Stewart
"The Day I Owned the Sky"
Signed by Gen. Robert L. Scott and artist Marc Stewart.
Against the Odds by Marc Stewart
"Against the Odds"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart.
The Memphis Belle's Historic Homecoming by Marc Stewart
"The Memphis Belle's Historic Homecoming"
Signed by Col. Robert Morgan and artist Marc Stewart.
Surprise at Asch by Marc Stewart
"Surprise at Asch"
Signed by Col. Donald Bryan and artist Marc Stewart.
No Escape by Marc Stewart
"No Escape"
Signed by Col. Robert Johnson and artist Marc Stewart.
Lightning Over Mindoro by Marc Stewart
"Lightning Over Mindoro"
Signed by M/Gen. Joel Paris and artist Marc Stewart.
Duel Over New Georgia by Marc Stewart
"Duel Over New Georgia"
Signed by Col. Herb Long and artist Marc Stewart.
Here Comes the Sun by Marc Stewart
"Here Comes the Sun"
Signed by artist Marc Stewart.
Cat and Mouse Over Wake by Marc Stewart
"Cat and Mouse Over Wake"
Signed by 4 surviving pilots who flew at Wake Island and artist Marc Stewart.
Strike on the Shirakumo by Marc Stewart
"Strike on the Shirakumo"
Signed by CDR Hal Buell and artist Marc Stewart.
Forrestal's Phantoms by Marc Stewart
"Forrestal's Phantoms"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart.
Corsair Preflight by Marc Stewart
Tiger Scramble by Marc Stewart
Sparrowhawk Home by Marc Stewart
"Corsair Preflight"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart
"Tiger Scramble"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart
"Sparrowhawk Home"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart.
Target Tokyo by Marc Stewart
"Target Tokyo"
Signed by Aviation Artist Marc Stewart.
Mu Gia Mayhem by Marc Stewart
"Mu Gia Mayhem"
Signed by Lt. Russell Rajani and artist Marc Stewart.
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Aviation Art by Marc Stewart
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The Battle of Utoy Creek
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